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swanson wedding

hands down the most beautiful day i've ever had the priviledge of witnessing.

morgan, alex, and the folks they love most started the day at the blue door salon in omaha. the salon and bridal suite were so, so gorgeous!

the brides took special care to not look at one another while they were getting their hair and makeup done just a few chairs away from each other. they made their way to their ceremony and reception site in separate cars to get ready for their big reveal.

morgan's sister decorated the reception space perfectly with florals, candles, and a unique variety of glass bottles and vases!

falconwood park had a bridal suite for the brides to get dressed in - first was alex with her best friend and mama followed by morgan, her sisters, mom, and bestie! they did an amazing job of staying separate so that their reveal would be extra special. you could feel the excitement and anticipation!

one of the most heartfelt reveals i've ever seen in my whole life - the love these two have for one another is so precious and full.

A beautiful reveal followed by a beautiful ceremony. One of my favorite things about Alex and Morgan's wedding? Every person involved is someone they met together, or have known before they started dating! It was so intimate and sweet to have everyone there from the officiant to the DJ be someone they have connections with!!!

SO MANY HAPPY TEARS!!! Before we got the party started, we had to grab photos with their beloved family and wedding party ----->

A freaking GORGEOUS bunch, right?! And they've all got hearts of gold!!!

Before we could make our way to the hall, we, of course, had to grab some pictures of the stunning brides. While we did this, they took the opportunity to very sweetly, privately, and intentionally sage one another.


The brides entered to the song "I AM WOMAN" and it was EPIC!

Folks enjoyed an authentic Mexican food taco bar, drinks, and each other's company. The speeches had everyone in the room crying - I wish I could properly describe how much love was pouring out. I hope these photos will help you feel it.

We snuck out for some golden hour pictures and myyyy goooooooodness! ALLLLL THE HEART EYES.

Wrapped up the night tearing up the dance floor - I don't know if I've ever had a more difficult time saying goodbye to the awesome people at a wedding like I did this night. I would've celebrated these two forever!

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