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I love family storytelling through images and have been for ten years now. The families I have developed relationships with is everything I ever dreamed of. I've spent countless nights chasing the sun, exploring fields, and hiking through trees with my clients and the ones they love most. 


Photographing families is always a unique experience, given the fact each family is entirely different! Some love camping and boating, some love staying home, some have children in college, some just brought their first baby home. I want the photos I take of your family to represent who you are and what you love best in a place that means something to you, whether that be your front porch or the land you'll eventually build your dream on.


Parents are typically cooperative, especially if dad or mom gets a drink beforehand ;) but the kids, on the other hand, well, that can be another story. So what do I do when junior has too many ants in his pants to sit for a photo? I ask you to play. Run around! Have a tickle fight! Snuggle! Dance! That's more you than anything else, is it not? I'll work my buns off to get a mantle and Christmas card worthy portrait, but my main goal when you and your people get in front of my lens is to get real moments.

I think about my favorite pictures I have from my childhood, the ones where my grandma and me are caught in a big belly laugh or I'm rested on my dad's shoulder while my big sister kisses my sleepy head. I want to make images that when your kids are grown that they'll look at and their hearts will swell with love and their heads fill with happy memories.


Below are some images from my most recent family sessions.

You can see full sessions here.



I have limited availability for family sessions, but I try to make sure I have room in my schedule to take several on a year.

Pricing for family sessions starts at $150 and raises depending on how big your family is and where you'll want your pictures taken.

All family sessions include at least 25 retouched and edited in color, black and white edit duplicates of each pictures, a print release to the images to share and print as desired, and an online gallery for easy access and downloads.

Contact me about your family pictures today!